2023 All In Summer League Playoffs and Finals

All In Summer League Fans,

What an long journey it has been so far! As we bid adieu to the regular games, we are thrilled to unveil the thrilling path that lies ahead – the eagerly anticipated Playoff and Finals weeks!

Playoff Week (Week 9: August 10th)

The stakes are higher than ever as we venture into the Playoff week. Your unwavering dedication and spirited performances have defined the rankings that will now determine the matchups in this knockout tournament style. It’s a chance for teams to rise to the occasion, showcase their skills, and inch closer to the ultimate glory.

Mens Summer League Finals Playoffs and Finals
Mens Summer League Finals Playoffs and Finals

Key Matchups: Game Code C1 and C2

Two crucial games, C1 and C2, hold the promise of unlocking a path to the Finals. Teams that triumph in these matchups not only secure their place in the next week’s Finals but could also earn the thrilling opportunity of a double-header, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition.

Womens Playoffs are just as intense with the finals being all to be played for!

Womens Summer League 2023 Playoffs and Finals
Womens Summer League 2023 Playoffs and Finals

Week 10: The Grand Finale (August 17th)

The anticipation reaches its zenith as we approach the grand finale of the All In Summer League. Week 10 promises to be a culmination of sheer determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The court will witness the crowning moments of triumph as the Men’s Champs Final, Men’s Plate Final, Women’s Champs Final, and Women’s Plate Final take center stage.

It’s a celebration of basketball excellence, where every team’s journey comes to a resounding conclusion. While not all teams may be in contention, the collective support and energy from every corner of our league will create a great final week!

Your dedication and enthusiasm have been a driving force behind the league’s success, and we cannot thank everyone enough and can’t wait to witness the thrilling moments that are yet to unfold in the finals

Stay tuned for more updates, and mark your calendars for the Playoff Week and Finals on August 10th and 17th.

Mens 2023

1Team Dorset1001.000W10661515146
2Pompey’s Finest820.800L2650500150
3All In Select830.727W3662527135
4Kareem of the Crop650.545L1502505-3
5Eagles Green550.500L462455272
6Eagles Blue460.400W2481530-49
7Hamble Hornets460.400W3517567-50
8Wolf Pack370.300L553150328
9Southampton Sharks280.200L3467602-135
10Portsmouth Jam190.100L2400694-294

Womens 2023

1Winchester Royals910.900W8404273131
3Whiteley Women370.300L1341344-3
4Portsmouth Ladies0100.000L10236444-208