2023 Winners

🏆 Announcing the Victors of the Summer League 2023: Team Dorset and Winchester Royals! 🏆

The sun has set on another season of the All In Summer League, and we’re thrilled to unveil the triumphant teams that have emerged as the champions! 🎉🎉

🏀 Men’s Division: Team Dorset Takes the Crown 🏀 Team Dorset went undefeated for the entire summer clinching the championship title in the Men’s Division! Their teamwork and sheer determination propelled them to victory, showcasing incredible sportsmanship and skill on the court. Here’s to their outstanding journey to the top! 🥇

🎀 Women’s Division: Winchester Royals Reign Supreme 🎀 Hats off to the Winchester Royals, who demonstrated unparalleled prowess in the Women’s Division and emerged as the champions. Their unwavering spirit, unity, and hard work paved the way to success, setting a remarkable example for everyone in the league. Congratulations, Winchester Royals! 👑

As we bid adieu to this scintillating season, we extend an earnest invitation to both Team Dorset and the Winchester Royals to defend their titles in next year’s Summer League. The camaraderie, competition, and shared passion for the game are what make this league extraordinary, and we can’t wait to witness your return to the courts!

📽️ Catch the Highlights Relive the most exciting moments of the Summer League 2023 by watching our captivating highlight reel, now available for viewing on our home page and official YouTube channel. This supercut is a testament to the league. Whilst we couldn’t get everyone in, we think you will agree that there is some great moments.

Don’t miss out on the action – hit play and let the memories come rushing back!

Once again, congratulations to Team Dorset and Winchester Royals for your remarkable achievements. To all our participants, supporters, and fans, thank you for making this season an unforgettable one. Until next year’s tip-off, keep the spirit of the game alive and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

🏀🎉 See you next season! 🎉🏀